STI recirculation blowers provide the optimum solution for gas handling applications. Years of experience in myriad air/gas handling markets attests to the level of confidence in our products.

Chamber recirculation volume control is achieved while maintaining a relatively consistent pressure which allows a greater turnover capability for the sterilization processes.

STI blower housing is designed and constructed of stainless steel for all sterilization applications. Aluminum one-piece impellers assure the highest level of spark resistance. The complete rotating assembly is dynamically balanced at full RPM to ensure smooth operation. The recirculation blower and exhauster is sealed using a dry seal. No water or oil is required. Designed to meet Class I, Division II and Group B as specified by the USA / National Electric Code.

STI Sterilizer Recirculation Blowers are relatively maintenance free.
Several are in service in excess of 18 years.

STI introduces a new line of Pressure Rated Sterilizer Recirculation Blowers that are  available with these added features:

  • Designed in accordance with the USA ASME Codes.
  • Pressure rated for full vacuum and 15 psi
  • All stainless steel housing
  • All aluminum one-piece impeller
  • Dry seal
  • Direct Drive
  • Designed to meet NEC Class I Division II Group B
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Provided Upon Request
  • Upon request by the client the recirculation blower will be certified and registered with the USA National Board as a pressure vessel